Did you know that there are more than 1.5 million non-profits registered in the United States? This is the number reported by National Center for Charitable Statistics.

That being the case, you can see why it may be difficult for you and your organization to maximize your impact potential. But there are ways that you can STAND OUT among other similar organizations.

  1. Do Things Differently
    There are traditional ways to market and promote your organization.  And what your organization may have done in the past may not catch the attention of younger generations. If you want to stay afloat or even thrive in the sea of non-profit organizations, you will want to get used to thinking and doing things differently. Get active online. Post a video. Open your doors for the world to see what makes your organization incredible. By doing so, you show that you are a transparent and approachable brand.
  2. Tell Your Story…OFTEN!
    Every (brand) organization has a story. From it’s founding to the lives that it impacts daily, your story needs to be heard. It is through your story that your audience connects with you. They see themselves and share your passion. Your story is what causes people to want to join you in your mission.So tell your story. Through your eyes and through the eyes of those whom you impact. Let your customers tell how they benefit from what you do every day. Tell it often. You will be surprised to see how far it reaches and how many lives it will touch.
  3. Be Aggressive
    According to the statistics, there are more than a million other NPO’s vying for the attention of Americans. Only a portion of those are in the same business as you. But still, you are different. Your organization has unique qualities that make it possible for you to impact lives. So don’t try to hide it! Put your value out front. Tell your audience how you meet their needs and how you obliterate their problems. Don’t be shy. You have an awesome organization that gets phenomenal results. Be proud of what your unique value and show it off.