We are living in a time where people are leaving the faith in record numbers. Gone are the days of parents reserving Sunday mornings for reverent reflection and fellowship with others of like faith. For many Americans, Sunday is nothing more than a day to catch up on household or business activities without the many distractors that exist during the work week.

Still 35% of Americans who have left cite this one common reason for not attending – “Church is not personally relevant”.

What does this say about Churches in America? Has their message become irrelevant? Is the message hidden? Or has the church disconnected with the cares and needs of the people?

While there is not one simple answer, one thing is clear. Churches and faith organizations need strategies that will help them communicate their message effectively. Times have changed but many ministries have failed to change their approach to match the landscape. The message is the same but what ministries need are clear communication channels that effectively connect their services to the needs of the people.

Faith organizations need to distinguish themselves and show communities how they can service their needs. This is done through branding. Branding allows ministries to speak directly to those in their community and address their needs before they walk through the doors. It allows people to connect on emotional and spiritual levels. It identifies the benefits of an organization and helps others identify with it’s offering.

Americans are feeling disconnected and there is a growing distrust of government, employers, and even ministries. It is time for faith leaders to employ new ways of branding their ministries and meeting the people at their point of need.