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Creating a standout brand is a process that requires definition, identification and amplification. Our 3 phase process takes your business to the forefront of your customer's minds. 


Elevate the Culture.

Latter Reign Entertainment came to us with a concept for their first Over-The-Top (OTT) Network. They wanted to create an online video network that features the best of urban communities. The concept was solid but they were missing one key element - a visual identity that would cause the network to stand out. 

We sat down and walked them through our 3 phase process for developing standout visual brands. When they said that they wanted to appeal to urban audiences in the 24-45 demographic, we heard them. When they said that they wanted to empower them, we heard them. When they said that they wanted to change narratives that surround people of color in media, we heard them - and we delivered. 

What we delivered was a strong Brand ID, tagline, messaging and Brand Strategy that puts this freshman network head and shoulders above it's competition. They are well on their way to empowering urban audiences through entertaining stories and programming.

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Brand Storytelling

Brand Strategy

You are an expert in your field and you are ready for an integrated media plan that will expand your exposure and open new opportunities. Where do you start? Where should you invest first? How should you show up online?

Every day we help companies and personal brands target their media to the people who matter most - their audience. We get to know our clients and partner with them to devise a targeted media strategy.

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