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OTT Networks

It's no secret that video is a growing medium in the online space. Many have adopted video content as part of their brand strategy and are looking for ways to monetize content at scale.

We have developed an OTT Network solution that allows our partners to monetize content while owning digital real estate - a hub for your audiences to find all of your content. No more handing over ownership to big social sites. Instead, create engaging content for social that points your viewers back to your network! We're talking a full, commercial free viewing experience similar to your favorite on-demand streaming network (like Paramount+ or Netflix).

Your site will be completely branded with your logo and domain (ex. This is a great way to build a revenue stream through subscriptions and pay-per-view content.

Monthly plans begin at $149. Ask us how to get started.

  • Client

    The Jesus Brand

  • Date

    April 20,2020

  • Services

    OTT Network leasing

Over the top networks

The Kingdom Advances

It all started as an Instagram profile. The idea was to share intentional images and videos that orients followers to Kingdom living. However, the page quickly developed into an inspirational source for lay members and leadership. The edgy imagery married to timeless Biblical messaging was the perfect mix. It is both relevant and rooted, current and consistent. In fact, The Jesus Brand has created a short format content mix that leaves followers asking for more.

The response? An Over-the-Top (OTT) Network that features long-format teaching, training videos and other exclusive content. From branded studies to virtual experiences, The Jesus Brand is creating a highly engaging platform for digital discipleship. We are thrilled to have partnered with them to build this innovative platform and help them develop a strategy to build membership.