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Nearly 60% of production takes place before the cameras turn on. Proper planning makes the project go easier.

Everyone has a story. And everyone's story has the power to connect us. That's why we take the time to listen and ask questions until your story speaks to us. Then, we translate what is on the pages of your book or in the nuances of your business process to picture and sound that draws audiences in.
For us, it's all about connecting the right elements - and ultimately connecting your audience to you.
  • Date

    July 2019

  • Client

    Erika Etienne Enterprises

  • Services

    Production Design, Production (Switch Digital Studios), Post Production Editing

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Documentary Film

Book to Film

Erika Etienne had a vision to translate the pages of her book to the big screen. Having pulled together the stories of 12 incredible women who faced and conquered overwhelming circumstances, Erika wanted to create a documentary film that would tie the stories together. 

We worked with Erika to understand her vision and then designed a production plan. From set design to lighting plans, schedules and shot lists, we created a production plan that reflected the power of this story. We shot the documentary over two days during the pandemic. Women from all walks of life and across the US were able to tell their stories through in-person and remote production at Switch Digital Studios, a subsidiary of VMI Agency. 

The final result is a feature length documentary that inspires hope, speaks of resilience and celebrates the power that resides in women of faith.

Production Design & Technical Director

Hall of Fame Awards

We have been transforming live events into hybrid (live and virtual audiences) experiences for years. In 2017, the Defense Acquisition University wanted to integrate video and create an interactive experience for their Hall of Fame Awards, they looked to VMI Agency CEO, Vanessa Manago for creative solutions. 

Vanessa proposed an aggressive approach and delivered. She broke the 24-year tradition of an assembly-style event by integrating an event soundtrack, pre-produced programming and animated screens to drive the event. For two consecutive years, she stood at the helm - running the show which hosted approximately 350 guests in-house and a host of other guests at 11 virtual sites.

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