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Since the onset of the pandemic, companies and organizations have been stretching to find ways to stay connected. Most have adopted platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to meet up with their employees and team members on a day-to-day basis. 

These platforms are great for daily use, and they offer some benefits to users because they are easy to use and accessible at the click of a mouse. 

But when you want to create an online experience such as a virtual conference, monetize an event like a live concert or produce a broadcast quality hybrid event to stream on your platforms, Zoom won’t make the cut.

For more than 8 years, we have been innovating virtual events for our customers. We are not new to this. From planning to execution, we guide our partners through the process of hosting high quality events and creating personalized experiences for every attendee.

Hybrid Event: Hall of Fame Awards
Defense Acquisition University, Fort Belvoir, VA

We have been transforming live events into virtual experiences for years. In 2017, the Defense Acquisition University wanted to integrate video and create an interactive experience for their prestigious Hall of Fame Awards. They looked to VMI Agency CEO, Vanessa Manago for creative solutions. 

Vanessa proposed an aggressive approach and delivered. She broke the 24-year tradition of an assembly-style event by integrating an event soundtrack, pre-produced programming and animated screens to drive the event. Specifically, she built custom event screens for monitors and projection screens throughout the venue, produced vignettes highlighting each Awardees’ career, and supplemental screens to enhance the ceremony. Additionally, she worked closely with the Protocol Officer to ensure that scripts were locked down and schedules were coordinated. 

For her efforts, Vanessa was recognized by the (former) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, a four-star General who expressed his personal appreciation for her work. For two consecutive years, Vanessa stood at the helm – producing and running the show which hosted approximately 350 guests in-house and a host of other guests at 11 virtual sites. 


Most recently, DAU celebrated its 25th anniversary, and as part of this milestone our President wanted to invigorate our annual Hall of Fame ceremony. Over a four month period, Vanessa planned, developed and executed an inclusive project management plan for this event. She championed the brilliant idea to create an "awards show" feel to an otherwise stale ceremony.

Caren Hergeroeder, Protocol Officer

Virtual Event: Verzuz Battle
Morning Star Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

At the height of the 2021 pandemic season, Morning Star Baptist Church wanted to find ways to keep their membership engaged. They had shifted from in-person to online worship. They wanted to create entertaining events to extend fellowship, allowing their membership to meet online in a fun, engaging setting.

Their concept? An online concert in the format of a Verzuz Battle.

We worked with our partner to create a high-energy broadcast that kept their members wondering what was coming next. Over the course of several calls, we took the time to hear what type of experience they wanted to create. Then we went to work – developing their concept visually. We built custom graphics around their pre-recorded footage and edited a broadcast that put viewers front and center to experience the best of MSBC’s Music Ministry.


Have questions? We are ready to help you create a great virtual experience.