And then THIS happened…

And then THIS happened…

I got the call and treated it as I would any new customer. We chatted. I asked about his project. He asked about the studio. I invited him to come out and take a look.

By the weekend, we had met and he was booking his first session. Cool. We shoot on Thursday. He was excited to find a place to shoot, I was glad to get a new customer. Later that week, Nick Azu, Creator of PWR MVES, came into Switch Digital Studios to shoot an interview segment for his show. We were all set up and ready to go when he arrived. A few minutes later, his guest arrived and we started recording. The topic? Entrepreneurship. His guest was extremely knowledgeable and the session was very informative. I didn’t pay attention to Nick’s introduction of his guest but I could see from the interview that she really knew her stuff.

A few days later, I had Nick’s footage all ready to go. After delivering everything to him, I did my weekend roundup. That’s when I post a few highlights from the previous week. Immediately, I’m getting “OMG’s” and “Wow! I follow her on IG.” messages in my DM and I’m wondering what is all of the fuss. As it turns out, Nick’s guest was one of the leading voices in Finance in the African American community. Dominique Broadway has made a name for herself and has been featured in the leading media outlets and is a “go-to” when it comes to mastering personal finances.

It was no surprise that we hosted such a well-known industry leader at Switch. But it is yet one more example of the importance of doing your best work every time. You never know who is watching.


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May 11, 2020