It’s Like Your Own Netflix

It’s Like Your Own Netflix

In early 2020 the world was spun into a state of shock as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe. Every nation was forced into emergency response as death tolls were on the rise and economies fell. For businesses and members of the faith community, it meant that “business as usual” would be put on hold, or worse, a thing of the past. One by one, businesses and churches of all sizes have turned to Zoom meetings, Facebook and YouTube Live streams in order to get their messages out to the masses. But one glitch in the Facebook servers was all that was needed to tell people what we at the VMI Brands know too well.

Ownership is everything and content is King.

That’s why we developed the Reign Cloud Networks. It’s like having your own Netflix for your organization. We believe that media should be an investment. It is a commodity in today’s economy. Why hand it over to social media giants to use it as they please? Social media should be a distribution channel but it should not be theĀ  platform that houses your media. Our networks put your media back in your hands to distribute and monetize as you please. With subscription options, Video on Demand and Pay Per View features, the Reign Cloud Networks allow your to build your video library while adding to your bottom line and building your digital brand.


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May 9, 2020