What's Your Story?

It all begins with a consultation with the VMI Agency. We will sit down with you to assess production needs and determine the best way forward. During this session, we listen to your story and begin to conceptualize how to best tell it.
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Lock Down the Script!

Your Producer will work with you to script your story – ensuring that the story arc is in tact and that the plot points time out. Once a solid story is crafted, The VMI Agency locks down the script and complete the other pre-production tasks including lighting plans, location scouting, casting and preparing schedules.
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Your film is passed on to Switch Digital Studios for production. Whether you are producing short-format content or a feature length film, we make sure it is done right. We shoot in 4K, 2.5K and HD formats and are equipped to live stream, record in-studio and on location.
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The Cutting Room

Fourth Step
And just like that, your footage is in post! Switch Digital Studios is fully equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro for editing, and DaVinci Resolve for color grading and finishing. We do it all. From motion graphics to sound design, we pay attention to every detail to get your story ready for screens.
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Fifth Step
Now you’re ready to go! We deliver your finished product direct to you. Need it uploaded to your site? Want a downloadable file from a secure cloud server? No problem. Tell us what you need and will deliver.
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